What’s better than walking into a whimsical gift shop and being greeted by a tail-wagging pooch named Bo? Knowing the gift shop you’re walking into is well in-tune with the surrounding neighborhood, pet-friendly, supports local artists and is owned and run by two philanthropic artists as well. Co-owner Marie has one-of-a-kind pottery and jewelry proudly showcased around the spacious store. Luke Adams, the other owner, displays his masterful hand-blown glass pieces too. The creativity is simply inspiring.

I enjoy the unpretentious selection that Gifted has to offer. From children’s books to painted pet portraits, and imaginative wall decorations to stylish handbags, there is a gift for every occasion and personality. Take your time while browsing, you don’t want to miss the perfect gift! And when you do stop into Gifted, tell Bo to, “Put ‘em up!” You’ll walk away with a smile and realization that you had one of the best retail experiences this side of the Charles River.

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