South End Formaggio

The dilemma:

A. Your significant other informs you that their [judgmental and disinterested] parents are having an impromptu visit in less than three hours and your pantry is anything but tantalizing.

B. You’ve scheduled a real-life date for Friday but backed yourself into a corner by embellishing your online dating profile and saying you’re a world-traveled cheese, cured meats and wine connoisseur. The closest thing to charcuterie you’ve ever tasted are Lit’l Smokies and the furthest destination you’ve ever been to is the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Oh, and it’s Thursday.

C. Your tongue wants to go on a fantastical journey, explore unchartered taste-territories it has never been to before and experience mind-bending flavors and food items worth bringing back to the Old World/your lackluster refrigerator.

The remedy:

A visit to South End Formaggio, which will cure any foodie-predicament. Whether you need to impress others with a sophisticated assortment of hors d’oeuvres and worldly wine or want to surprise your own palate with clever amuse-bouches, a knowledgeable staff member will provide you aide and endless information about their products. The diversity of their imported cheeses, wines, spices, oils, preserves, meats, sweets and prepared foods is overwhelming, but in a way that is so worth the initial shock. South End Formaggio might be small, but don’t shy away from the density of palatable possibilities and let your inner-gourmand run free.

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