AllSaints Spitalfields

You could take a picture in AllSaints from any angle and it would be perfection. Antique Singer sewers and fixtures make prominent exhibits throughout, industrial and raw lighting highlight their vivid merchandise displays and mannequins; there doesn’t seem to be a lackluster inch of space in the entire store. If you were to get rid of every structure and let the clothing, shoes and accessories speak for themselves, they would put your mind into retail rapture.

There are stores where I feel like I’m buying items straight off the factory line, but at AllSaints, a recent addition to Newbury Street, there are pieces I swear I saw at a museum gift shop or senior exhibition at FIT. I’m not one to tout my knowledge of fashion because I, quite frankly, don’t know much about it, but I can say that I know an exquisite article of clothing when I come across one. I feel AllSaints is an unpretentious brand that wants consumers – children, men and women – to adapt as quickly or cautiously as they please. Upon first visit, you might not be ready for their ‘Ditzy Parachute Dress’, but they have wonderful basics with a twist of AllSaints’ personality.

If you’re craving retail therapy and need to spruce up your wardrobe, I highly recommend AllSaints Spitalfields as your remedy.

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