In my girly dream world of fluffy white clouds, pink satin bows and color-coordinated tea parties there is always room for whimsical baked goods. The perfect bundle of sweetness is, of course, the cupcake, and Sweet has the perfect recipes for sweet-tooth satisfaction.

There has been a light sprinkling of locations in the Boston area but Sweet recently opened up its third location on Newbury Street, a primary retail artery for tourists and locals alike. Sweet has a daily menu of ‘ready-to-eat’ cupcakes you can enjoy year round. They also put thought into the seasons and have Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, holiday and Valentine’s Day recipes as well, so your palate always has something new to look forward to.

Sweet will delivery cupcakes for any occasion. If you’re driving and call them as you’re pulling up, they will bring their cupcakes to your car. What sweet service! Each store offers “icing shots” and miniature versions of cupcakes, which is a convenient way to either have a light indulgence or to partake in multiple delights. Sweet also invites the opportunity to collaborate on custom designed orders – I’m feeling the need for a chocolate curry creation in the near future.

Sweetly simple, simply Sweet.

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  1. Noir Blanc Interiors's Gravatar Noir Blanc Interiors
    July 8, 2010 at 11:34 pm | Permalink

    My absolute favorite cupcake place in the world.

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