Gelato is [eat first, research later].

Gelato is Italian for Ben & Jerry’s.

Gelato is scrumdiliumptious.

Gelato is this and that tempting picture to the right.

Lately in this heat and mugginess, I feel like I’ve been swimming through the Boston air, and judging from the damp states of people’s shirts they might feel that way too. Glacial ice chunks taking a plunge into the iciest glass of Arctic water couldn’t cool us down. We can’t help but succumb to the sun’s wickedness but luckily there are ways to obliterate our discomfort-and from the inside out.

While I love and appreciate a frosty milkshake, sometimes the dairy sits a bit heavy in my belly. Not the best feeling in the middle of a summer day in the city. Today while ambling down Hanover Street, I decide I need to try a gelato shoppe I’ve walked by numerous times when I lived in the North End a few years ago. Gelateria is always bustling with customers flowing through their double-ended street entrances, a tell-tale sign of popularity.

Gelateria’s atmosphere is a playful tug-of-war between the past and present. Old photos display antique Vespas and Italian landscapes, but the bright red counters and waffle cones wrapped in American flag paper signify the “now”. The two main counters contain rich flavors like tiramisu, espresso, Stracciatella, Limoncello andcoconut. You can choose up to three flavors in one dish; I went with watermelon, strawberry and orange. If I had the budget and gall, I’d have sampled all of the flavors. Gelato is denser in texture and flavor but is a bit more healthier for me, a nice change from creamy yet airy ice cream I’m so used to. I would recommend going to Gelateria with ten friends, getting a tri-flavored cup per friend and enjoying all the deliciously cold treats that Gelateria has to offer.

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