Morse Fish Company

An old woman, slow moving and assisted only by a cane, walks into Morse Fish Company and takes a seat in a plastic chair. It’s a stifling summer’s day and even I at 25 years young am drained from the heat and have sweat lightly trickling down my temple; I couldn’t possibly fathom a discomfort amplified by age. The old woman gathers her breath and orders a Haddock Sandwich to no Morse Fish Co. staff-member in particular. Immediately, a man wearing a greasy apron and heavy water-resistant boots comes up to the woman to clarify her order as he opens up a bottle of water without her even asking. He returns several times to deliver her lunch order, take her money when she’s ready to pay and to see if there’s anything else she could need. He never once feels bothered or shouts at her from a distance, and his assistance is more than obligatory, it is genuine. This is customer service at its best.

Morse Fish Company, as they say, has been serving the South End since 1903. And it shows. They have a nice selection of fish, shellfish and seasoned ready-to-cook seafood. There is no fishy odor, just the mouth-watering aroma of hot oil deep frying fresh seafood. During my visit last week, I placed a sit-down order of clam chowder, calamari, fried haddock and rice. It was perfection. Perfectly tasting, perfectly fried, perfectly breaded and perfectly complemented by perfectly pickle-y tartare sauce. I had enough leftover for another meal which perfectly suited my tummy and wallet.

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