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ArtVenue; An Artful Resurgence

Photo by Evan Smith

Artists of all genres, mediums and ages devote countless hours to their craft, their passion and their labor of love. Finding time to research venues and keeping organized with follow-up and follow-through proves to be a more daunting task that you would think. Three art-admirers put their heads together and created ArtVenue, a site that acts as a curating matchmaker between artists and local businesses. Whether it’s blank wall space behind the cash register of a clothing boutique, in a dimly lit entrance of a cigar shoppe, or next to a shelf full of hair products in a salon – ArtVenue gives more artists the chance to display their work and gain exposure and potential revenue from their sales. Businesses get a cut as well, but, most importantly, they become supporters in a reciprocal movement that is sure to gain momentum with every artist and business sign up at ArtVenue. This is the start of a grassroots art resurgence!

ArtVenue, a MassChallenge finalist, is currently inviting artists and businesses to sign up and create a free profile on their site which is currently in beta. Check out the video below to see how ArtVenue works!

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There’s a New Deal in Town

I endorse the business model under which sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe and other deal-of-the-day sites follow. Enjoying a delicious meal worth $50 when I’ve only paid $20? Yes, please. Partaking in 12 yoga classes when I only needed to pay for one? Ommmm. I am a huge fan of deal sites but in my hectic life I often neglect checking them; I’m just too busy or it simply slips my mind. Thank goodness there is one ultimate site, DealGator, that aggregates deals from every existing deal site (Groupon, LivingSocial, etc.) and presents them to me at one place and one time. How convenient is that?

DealGator is stupendously time-saving. Instead of aimlessly browsing other deal sites and hoping for a specific deal, I can just select or deselect deal categories and watch the list of deals instantly reorganize before my eyes! The site will even send a personalized list of completely new deals to my email every morning, saving me yet another step.

Let’s say I’m browsing restaurant deals and want to filter out Mexican food due to my preexisting burrito habit, entering the keyword “Mexican” excludes Mexican food related deals from my list. It’s like having a Vegas buffet catered to my dietary needs, taste preferences and gluttonous cravings I can have modified even while I feast. The combination of customizable deals is infinite and the only way to discover them is to go to DealGator and see for yourself!

See ya later, alligator!

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Forever 21 on Newbury Street is Hiring

Our friends at Forever 21, the popular clothing store coming to 344 Newbury Street, have just informed us that they are currently seeking applicants for the following positions.

Positions available:

  • Store Manager
  • Co-Manager
  • Assistant Manager/s
  • Visual Manager
  • Visual Merchandiser/s
  • Sales Associate/s
  • Stock
  • Housekeeping

Open interviews will be held on 9/2/2010 and 9/9/2010:

Hilton Boston Back Bay
40 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02115

11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Please attend the open interviews to be considered.

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Restaurant Week in Boston

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

I like to write, I like to make art, and I sure do love to eat. I’m entering a point in my life where I eat to savor, not just to nourish. And, depending on the hour, I also eat to [over]indulge. In my figurative mind, a delicious meal is like an engaging painting. A clean empty plate is like an untouched blank canvas and ingredients make up the subject and focus of the piece. Taste translates into sight and each hue of flavor provides color, depth, contrast and reason for that work of art to be. A chef is a taste artist, a painter is a visual chef, you get the picture.

I personally lean towards being a visual chef (artist) and food’s biggest fan, and I won’t accept this “starving artist” role. There are ways around this cliche and I couldn’t think of a better time to be here in Boston. Boston Restaurant Week is just around the corner, which means I have a few days left to spend some quality time at the gym before it’s August 15th and I turn into a glutton for Boston Neighborhoods‘ sake, or so I tell myself. It runs August 15th-20th and then the 22nd-27th.The alphabetized list of restaurants participating in Restaurant Week with their menus and restaurant info are just a click away. At this point I’ve thoroughly memorized the prix fixe menus from restaurants A-through-Dante. There’s a ‘Wild Salmon & Crab Burger’ from Bambara with my name on it.

When making your own dining itinerary, be sure to follow the six Restaurant Week Tips as mentioned on the site:

  1. Make reservations for Restaurant Week as early as possible, they tend to go fast.
  2. Do not make reservations at more than one restaurant for the same meal period, as it prevents others from getting the reservations they want.
  3. If you need to cancel your reservation, do so with as much notice as possible so restaurants have the opportunity to rebook the table.
  4. Look for specially priced wine pairings to accompany your meal – some restaurants offer wines by the glass or pairings to accompany the whole meal at reduced Restaurant Week prices.
  5. Some restaurants extend their participation in Restaurant Week by offering their prix fixe menu for an additional week, so ask your server.
  6. Tax and gratuity are not included in the prix fixe price. Be sure to show appreciation for good service by tipping generously…it’s good karma.

There will be more blogs entailing all the miraculously delectable foodie adventures to come, so keep an eye out!

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Scooter Parking on Newbury Street

Thank you Newbury Street and Boylston Street for converting some car street parking into scooter street parking! Besides scooting being contingent on favorable weather conditions, there is one conundrum scooters and their owners face on a daily basis; street or sidewalk parking? Scooters are too small for traditional parking spaces yet too bulky against a regular bike rack. There are now six spots allotted to both scooters and motorcycles, it’s only 25 cents per hour and there is no time limit; this is a step in the right direction for easing the parking tension between scooters and cars. I’m sure we’ll start to see even more green scooter-friendly signs and scooter-only spaces popping up throughout Boston.

Thinking about obtaining pragmatic, 50cc freedom and mobility? Stop by Scooters Go Green, where I purchased my first scooter that’s kept me happily scooting all over Boston for a year now!

Check out The Boston Globe capturing the moment the signs went up!

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Forever 21 is coming to Newbury Street

Forever 21, the clothing store known for supplying trendy clothing for the economical fashionista, is opening a location on Newbury Street later this summer.  The store will be located at 343 Newbury Street in the location of the Danker and Donahue Garage.  The store will be a whopping 24,000 sf and 4 levels.

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In my girly dream world of fluffy white clouds, pink satin bows and color-coordinated tea parties there is always room for whimsical baked goods. The perfect bundle of sweetness is, of course, the cupcake, and Sweet has the perfect recipes for sweet-tooth satisfaction.

There has been a light sprinkling of locations in the Boston area but Sweet recently opened up its third location on Newbury Street, a primary retail artery for tourists and locals alike. Sweet has a daily menu of ‘ready-to-eat’ cupcakes you can enjoy year round. They also put thought into the seasons and have Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, holiday and Valentine’s Day recipes as well, so your palate always has something new to look forward to.

Sweet will delivery cupcakes for any occasion. If you’re driving and call them as you’re pulling up, they will bring their cupcakes to your car. What sweet service! Each store offers “icing shots” and miniature versions of cupcakes, which is a convenient way to either have a light indulgence or to partake in multiple delights. Sweet also invites the opportunity to collaborate on custom designed orders – I’m feeling the need for a chocolate curry creation in the near future.

Sweetly simple, simply Sweet.

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AllSaints Spitalfields

You could take a picture in AllSaints from any angle and it would be perfection. Antique Singer sewers and fixtures make prominent exhibits throughout, industrial and raw lighting highlight their vivid merchandise displays and mannequins; there doesn’t seem to be a lackluster inch of space in the entire store. If you were to get rid of every structure and let the clothing, shoes and accessories speak for themselves, they would put your mind into retail rapture.

There are stores where I feel like I’m buying items straight off the factory line, but at AllSaints, a recent addition to Newbury Street, there are pieces I swear I saw at a museum gift shop or senior exhibition at FIT. I’m not one to tout my knowledge of fashion because I, quite frankly, don’t know much about it, but I can say that I know an exquisite article of clothing when I come across one. I feel AllSaints is an unpretentious brand that wants consumers – children, men and women – to adapt as quickly or cautiously as they please. Upon first visit, you might not be ready for their ‘Ditzy Parachute Dress’, but they have wonderful basics with a twist of AllSaints’ personality.

If you’re craving retail therapy and need to spruce up your wardrobe, I highly recommend AllSaints Spitalfields as your remedy.

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Pinkberry to open location in Boston

Pinkberry, the L.A. frozen yogurt chain, has announced they will be opening a shop at 286 Newbury Street.  The date the fro-yo shop is opening has not been released due to pending permits.

The shop started in 2005 in West Hollywood and has gained notoriety across the nation because of its candid appearances in the hands of numerous celebrities in gossip magazines like US Weekly.

Their menu includes frozen yogurt with a wide assortment of toppings, smoothies, and fruit parfaits.  Seasonal flavors of their tangy yogurt are always changing.  I can’t wait to try the fro-yo and see what all the buzz is about!

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Wired Puppy

Wired Puppy is an environmentally friendly spot for organic and fair-trade coffees, teas and other thoughtful beverages. The environment is inviting and cozy, the décor is clean and fetching. There’s something about exposed brick that gets me every time.

See how nice everything looks? I wish Wired Puppy existed in my college years because I could definitely see myself cracking open textbooks in the workspace ‘round back, secluded from the touristy bustle of Newbury Street. However, there is outdoor seating perfect for people watching.

Wired Puppy has complimentary wireless Internet supplied by Tech Superpowers, a complimentary computer for public use, and even complimentary treats for your beloved hound. Looking to shrink the size of your ecological footprint? You have three different ways to dispose of your empties: plain trash, recyclables or compostable rubbish. Take that, Starbucks!

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