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Flour Bakery + Cafe

It doesn’t take Joanne Chang’s defeat of Bobby Flay’s sticky bun throwdown to convince me that Flour is an extraordinary bakery; it just is. Even on a weekday there is a sizeable gathering of customers waiting to get their hands on Flour’s delectable edibles. Brioche and cookies and tarts, oh my!

A full menu is handwritten on the chalkboard wall behind the counter that displays their array of in-house prepared treats, giving you enough eye-candy to make you forget you’re waiting in line. And to my surprise, Flour also satisfies savory cravings. The roasted lamb with goat cheese sandwich makes me want to plan my breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts around Flour’s hours of operation. Good thing there are two locations, the South End and Fort Point Channel, so I don’t seem completely fanatical getting my weekly Flour fix.

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